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You Can Save Lives and Improve Lung Health with a Gift that Gives Back to You

You can secure your financial future while helping to defeat lung cancer, reduce the impact of lung disease, and provide healthier air when you create a Charitable Gift Annuity with the American Lung Association. You will receive fixed payments for life at an attractive fixed rate.

Your benefits include:
  • An annual income stream that will never change with rates as high as 9.5%, depending on your age (you must be 55 or older)
  • Financial security for you and a loved one, if you choose, with payments for up to two people
  • A potential reduction in your tax burden for the year you make the donation
  • Avoidance of some capital gains tax when you use appreciated stock to fund your gift annuity
  • Converting a low-yielding asset (like bank deposits, CDs, securities, etc.) into reliable payments at a more attractive rate.
Sample payment rates*:
If my age is: 69 75 81 86 90
My payment rate will be: 4.6% 5.4% 6.7% 7.8% 8.6%
My annual payout will be: $1,150 $1,350 $1,675 $1,950 $2,150

*Based on one beneficiary and a donation of $25,000. You must be 55 or older and our minimum donation for a charitable gift annuity is $20,000. Your rate will never change once your gift annuity is established. Rates as of July 1, 2018. Contact us for ages/rates not shown here.

“I just purchased my fourth American Lung Association Charitable Gift Annuity. It’s the perfect way to pay tribute to my father, who died following a heroic battle with emphysema that lasted over a decade. It provides an attractive, tax favorable income stream during my lifetime while assuring critical, lifesaving funding for lung disease research, advocacy and education once I pass.”

– Jon Rosen

American Lung Association Annuitant

Gift annuities are offered through a partnership with the National Gift Annuity Foundation. NGAF is the largest independent platform offering charitable gift annuities in the US, registered in all states except HI. All remainder proceeds of gift annuities will be granted to the American Lung Association. Find more information at