Get Started Planning

Thank you for considering being a champion of healthy lungs and healthy air as a part of your personal legacy.

Through a gift in your will or trust for the American Lung Association, your generosity will make a lasting impact toward a world free of lung disease for future generations.

Why It’s Important to Have a Plan

You owe it to yourself and to your family to ensure you have a plan in place. By taking time to carefully consider what to do with your possessions, you pass along your values to the next generation. Planning gives you control and the opportunity to provide for your family while supporting the causes that have been important in your life.

How Often Should I Review My Plan?

Use this checklist to see if it’s time to revisit your estate plans.

  • It has been three or more years since you last reviewed your plans.
  • You recently retired or changed jobs.
  • Your marital status has changed.
  • You have lost a spouse or other loved one.
  • Your health status has changed.
  • You welcomed a new child or grandchild.
  • The value of your estate has changed substantially.
  • Your wishes have changed on how you would like your property distributed.

Family First

Of course, you love your family. At the American Lung Association, we understand that your family comes first. But, we hope you’ll remember, there are ways you can support your family and also find meaning in your life using giving methods that could cost you nothing now and might even reduce your taxes.

Complimentary Planning Resources at Your Fingertips