Make Improving Lung Health a Part of Your Legacy

You can be the driving force behind a world free of lung disease.

We mean it when we say that without supporters like you, none of our work is possible. That’s why we have created this website to help you follow your impact with the American Lung Association and learn more about how to partner with us to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.

How You Support Our Work

Defeat Lung Cancer

It’s the #1 cancer killer in the U.S. But you can help stop it with research, education and awareness.

Champion Clean Air for All

Pollution and emissions damage lungs. But you can create real change through advocacy.

Prevent Lung Disease

More than 36 million people living in America struggle with lung disease. But you can make life easier with education and support.

Create a Tobacco-Free Future

More than 480,000 people in our country die every year from tobacco-caused diseases. You can change laws and change minds.

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