Why Give

When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.™ 

We can live three weeks without food.
We can live three days without water.
We can only live three minutes without air.

Breath is life.

Other than our skin, the lungs are the only organ exposed to the external environment. There are many threats to the air we breathe. We all have lungs and we all need clean air to breathe. You can help ensure that we have clean air to breathe now and for future generations through grassroots advocacy.

Thanks to amazing people like you, together we can:

Defeat Lung Cancer

It’s the #1 cancer killer in the U.S. But you can help stop it with research, education and awareness.

Champion Clean Air for All

Ozone pollution, power plant emissions and vehicle emissions damage lungs. But you can create real change through advocacy.

Prevent Lung Disease

More than 36 million Americans struggle with lung disease. But you can make life easier with education and support.

Create a Tobacco-Free Future.

More than 480,000 Americans die every year from tobacco-caused diseases. But you can change laws and change minds about smoking.

You are not powerless against lung disease, especially when you stand up against it, shoulder to shoulder with the American Lung Association.

I watched my father fight for air for more than a decade and I watched my son fight for air as he struggled with asthma.
Jon Rosen, a member of our Legacy Society and National Board Member

Create Your Legacy of a World Without Lung Disease

When you include a gift in your will, you’re taking positive action with lasting impact to help save lives today and to create a world without lung disease for future generations. This can be what you give to the world, and it will be your legacy, one of life, hope and love.